Culture Shock –  The stories will be inspired by museums and galleries

Culture Shock – The stories will be inspired by museums and galleries

The Museum of Life and Science is in Newcastle, England. It is one of the largest science museums in Europe.

It has a collection of more than 3 million objects, including specimens from all around the globe. It includes over 10,000 species that are displayed in life-size figures or wax models.

The museum offers free admission to visitors on Wednesdays but needs to raise funds for its maintenance and upkeep. So it has put on an exhibition called “Culture Shock” which will showcase their collections and also entice people to donate to the museum by having fun with different types of activities and games such as a quiz and a treasure hunt.

This project will be inspired by museums and galleries that we have visited while we were traveling around England during our time there for this internship at

Culture Shock is a project that will be created by the North East of England. It is a cultural collaboration between the North East and curators of public art galleries.

The idea behind the project is to provide support for international artists working in the region, who are often disappointed with their lack of opportunities in this area.

Local arts groups will also benefit from increased exposure.

This project is about how my family reacted to Culture Shock. The story will be inspired by museums and galleries in the North East of England.

North East of England has many museums and galleries, however I found myself most interested in the North Tyneside Art Gallery. My family’s reaction to Culture Shock was strange, but it made me think about how they were feeling as well.

A wonderful collection of people’s stories

The North East of England is a region not often written about. It’s full of stories and people who have gone through culture shock and we should be sharing those stories.

The project was started by Hannah and Lizzy, two girls from the North East. They wanted to showcase the amazing people they knew and give their perspective on what it’s like living in the north east and how they’ve personally dealt with culture shock.

I’m still an outsider looking in, but I hope my perspective helps those who come after me feel less alienated as well as those who are currently experiencing culture shock

In the North East of England, there was a project to record the stories of people who had experienced Culture Shock. For over four years, these people went through the process of telling their story and documenting what was happening at that particular time in their lives.

There are so many different stories to choose from. From old memories to new experiences, each person has different struggles that may or may not be your own.

This piece contains an anthology of North East England’s culture shock experience stories which can be used as a way for individuals to reflect on their own life transitions and adjustments.

Culture Shock is a project that is all about bringing people together. It is about the relationships that people share, the bonds they create and the memories they make.

Everyone has a story to tell and Culture Shock UK want to capture them all. They are currently working on capturing stories from across UK’s North East region in preparation for their launch at the end of this month.

This section offers a collection of people’s stories from North East of England- A wonderful collection of tales waiting to be shared with you!