The Sleeping Beauty

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This object is from the collections at the Museum of Hartlepool.

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The Sleeping Beauty

Maclise, Daniel (1806-1870)

This painting is purely decorative, of dramatic moment when the prince is about to break the spell by kissing the Sleeping Beauty. The wicked fairy and her minions are leaving, whilst good fairy riding on her chariot by white doves. Use of many different surfaces, materials - velvet, fur, skin etc - in which Maclise excelled. The subject is taken from Grimm's fairy tales. It is also subject of Tennyson's 'The Day Dream'. Maclise was a Victorian painter recognised for his versatility and facility with which he could finish paintings. Famous for his historical mythological paintings, as well as genre studies and foke-lore.

Accession Number: HAPMG : 1920.53


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