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Amy's story is about her life so far and the important memories and people in it.

By Amy Longstaff

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This story was inspired by the Toy Tales exhibition at The Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle.

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Hello, I am Amy and as I celebrate my 21st birthday tomorrow I am going to tell you lucky people 21 special things about me!

My mum, also know as Margy, is very special! We are more like friends than mother and daughter sharing gossip and shopping together, we also occasionally share a cheeky Magners. So I owe it all to my mum for making me the super duper person I am today.

Her fiancé, the infamous Geoffers, will do anything for me and is such a sweetie pie. Mum and Geoff are getting married next year and I am sooo excited.

My dad is great. I am his big girl. He always looks out for me and helps me with daddy type things ...  cleaning my car, always a helping hand!

This is my brother Ashley, doesn't he look cute!  We have a typical brother sister relationship but he really is a sweetie. 

My sister Ann is quite a lot younger than me. I can remember her being born. Me and my sister visited her in hospital and due to my clumsy nature... I dropped her. Oops. I don't think it has done any harm as she is the typical child genius. We have a really good relationship (sometimes) but I love her to pieces.

Now the youngest and cutest member of the family is the gorgeous Georgina, making us up to 4. Her beautiful curly hair and big eyes correspond with her bubbly chatty personality. She is just so special.

Now my true love...Steven. We went to the same primary ... and quite unusually our eyes met across a snail...we eventually started dating when we were 16. We have never looked back since. Steven is so special to me and I love him to pieces. We have shared so many things in our lives and I hope to share many more. Love you millions!

I love Newcastle, it is a fantastic city with so much to do! Whilst in Newcastle I trained to be a teacher at Northumbria University. Here I met loads of new friends and eventually graduated in rather a fancy outfit. Don’t you just love the hat! Now I work at the Bowes museum and I love it!!

One special memory is when I was carnival queen in my home town of Barnard Castle. I loved the role and got to dress up in gorgeous dresses and parade around town and even travel in style!

Our family are keen supporters of Bowes FC. So far the club have been very successful winning several trophies ...so come on the lads!!!

Two special people in my life are my best friends Iona and Emma. We met in secondary school and have been friends ever since. They are both very special to me and make me very happy.

My favourite singer has to be the fantastic Will Young. I have been to see him perform several times and have met him...like a proper fan ... standing outside for 2 hours in the freezing cold. He was really sweet ... well worth the wait!

Another love of mine is camping. Every year the family go on our summer hols in search of the sunshine. A particular favourite of ours in Corny Land, also known as Cornwall. A definite stop off is Granny Wobblies fudge pantry which is scrumdidiliumptious...   These lovely people are my grandad Thomas and Christine. I really got to know them well when my mum and dad got divorced and we lived with grandad. Since then we have never looked back. Grandad is just the cuddliest grandad ever and I love him to pieces!!! I think it must be his fun and cheerful nature!

My grandad and grandma are like parents to me and my siblings as they are always there for us. I love them so much! Thanks for everything!!!

As a youngster I was a member of the guides association. During my time there I have had quite a lot of experiences ...  sailing a boat, dodgy outfits and catching a bird of prey. It was so much fun!

These are two of my many pets I have had over the years. I am a very animal friendly type of girl. I have always taken a lot of pride in my pets and love to give them lots of snuggles.

Anyone who knows me well...knows that I love food. Particular favourites of mine include ... cheesy Doritos and Milky Way bars. Yum!!!

Finally my Pippa, my very first  little car. She is a little dream!

So that was  a little bit about me...hope you enjoyed...I certainly enjoyed the last 21 years and it is all down to the very special people mentioned. So thank you very much!!! Love you all!!! Love and kisses mwah!

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