A Birthday Adventure

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Emma's story describes a surprise trip to Rome that she went on for her birthday.

By Emma House

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This story was inspired by a painting from the collections at The Bowes Museum.

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Video transcript

I felt a nervous excitement as I looked up at the departures board in the airport and saw our flight number. Simon had been planning my birthday trip for months. I'd been trying to prize it out of him but he'd kept it a suprise. At last I knew where we were going EZY5257 to Rome. I sat in the lounge flicking through the pages of the guidebook main a list of things to see. Every page revealed another treasure; the Vatican, the colosseum, the forum, the trevi fountain, and the food I wanted to eat; palma ham, pasta, mozarella, pizza and Ice cream - endless flavors of Italian Ice cream and of course Italian coffee.

I love the hustle and bust of Rome as you walk down the street drivers speed past and toot their horns but you turn off one street onto another and find yourself in a quite square.

There had been a thick frost in England when we left and as we sat in the Piazza Novana the sun shone and we warmed our faces in the light. A buska played guitar music  and the water in the squares fountain glinted in the sunshine as it tricked across the sculpture. We sat soaking up the atmosphere as we ate our lunch. The pasta in a rich tomato source was so delicious, every mouthful tasted fantastic. I wanted more when I got to the end but we didn't have time we still had so much to see.

In the afternoon we made our way to the colosseum. It loomed high above us as we qued to buy our tickets. It was so much larger than I'd imagined it to be as we walked out onto the terraces. Down below were the rooms and corridors  that the gladiators and lions had been kept in. From the arches of the colosseum we could see the temples and arches of the Forum.

As the day drew to a close we wandered through the streets and found a quiet bar and had some drinks. It was great to relax and discuss everything we had done and seen and reflect on our wonderful day.

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