A Cat Called Michael Thomas

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Sam's story is about a cat with an unusual name.

By Sam Smith

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Video transcript

My whole family is very keen on football, except for my mother and my sister, though my sister has had her moments. My brother supports Everton because his favourite player was Gary Lineker and he liked the colour of their shirts. My father is from north London and Is a keen Arsenal fan and I was an Arsenal fan really before I was old enough to know anything about it. My brother, sister and I were brought up in Durham so I find myself continually justifying why I support Arsenal and that’s one of the reason I’ve chosen to tell this story.

One of the most memorable nights of my life was on the last day of the 1989 season, It was Arsenal versus Liverpool at Anfield and Arsenal had to win 2-0 to win the league on goal difference. Alan Smith scored a contentious first goal with a glancing header from an indirect free kick. And then in the last minute of the game Michael Thomas stormed through the mid field, took on three defenders and then poked the ball past Bruce Grobelar.

The celebration was fantastic and there was pandemonium in the Arsenal stand as well as out living room. We’d just got a new cat at this time and we’d joked that we’d name it after the Arsenal played who scored the winning goal, not really expecting that Arsenal would win 2-0 and win the league. My brother had wanted to name the cat after an Everton player but consoled himself by pretending that the cat was named after his middle name, Thomas rather than Michael Thomas, the Arsenal legend.  

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