A Day at the Seaside

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This story is about Edith's holidays at 'oh so bracing' Skegness.

By Edith Cape

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This story was inspired by a railway poster from the collections at the Regional Resource Centre at Beamish.

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A Day at the Seaside.

Once a year we had our favourite day out. It was Sunday school trip day to the seaside, always Skegness. We had to travel by train as we were in the Midlands. It was about a two hour journey. The week previous was very busy as we took our food with us, there were seven of us altogether. Mum was kept very busy baking pies, bread and teacakes and we and to look out our buckets and spades. The train left from the station, it was a good two mile walk. We were all too excited to worry about that as the last one and a half miles were downhill through the farmers’ fields. It was very exciting so the journey didn’t seem too long. And the walk from the station immaterial, we would soon be on the sands and see the sea at last. In my memory I don’t remember ever having a rainy day. Must have been one some time though! All the group kept together. Mums and Dads sitting on the sands and we all playing games and digging in the sand. We always came home about 5pm and we nearly all slept most of the way home, worn out with playing all day. Years later when the miners got a weeks paid holiday we would all go, just our family of course, and stay in a caravan. And earlier this year I made a visit and found a big difference, although they had left the clock tower still standing on an island in the middle of the road. That was always the gathering point if anyone got lost. Just a few adventurous choirboys, it was mostly the same ones. Skegness holds many happy memories for me, although it has changed greatly, it still earns the name of ‘Skegness is so bracing!’.

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