A day out with Annie at Whitehouse Farm

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Michael's story describes a typical day out to Whitehouse Farm that he makes with the rural studies group he belongs to.

By Michael Williamson

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This story was inspired by the Natural Northumbria gallery at the Great North Museum : Hancock.

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Video transcript

Neil: So, Michael, when we go out to Whitehouse Farm, how do you get there?

Michael: By bus

Neil: And who’s on the bus?

Michael: Michael.

Neil: Michael picks you up on the bus?

Michael: Aye, pick-up

Neil: And who do you go with to Whitehouse Farm?

Michael: Me and Annie

Neil: Is there something that you always take with you, on the bus, for you and Annie?

Michael: A packed lunch

Neil: What do you normally have in your packed lunch?

Michael: A sandwich and a cup of tea.  Aye, a cup of tea.

Neil: And then when we get to Whitehouse Farm we’ve got to pay, haven’t we?

Michael: Aye, we pay. 

Neil: And who do you pay for?

Micahel: For Annie and myself

Neil: And then what happens when we get into Whitehouse Farm? What do we normally do first?

Michael: Have packed lunch!  Aye, packed lunch

Neil: And what sort of animals is at Whitehouse Farm?

Michael: Horse

Neil: Any other animals?

Michael: Chickens, aye, chickens.

Neil: Anything else? What are the ones that go ‘oink oink’?

Michael: Pigs!  Aye, pigs!

Neil: Can you remember the animals which are out in the field? Remember those animals?

Michael: Cows.  Aye, cows!

Neil: And then, when we’ve finished having a look at the animals, before we go home, there’s something we normally go and do, isn’t there?  What do we go and have?

Michael: A cup of tea.

Neil: And what do you normally have with your cup of tea?

Michael: A scone.

Neil: When we go for our cup of tea and our scone, you don’t just get it for yourself, do you? 

Michael: No

Neil: Who else do you get one for?

Michael: For Annie

Neil: And who pays for them?

Michael: Me.

Neil: That’s right!  And every time we go out, who pays?

Michael: Me!

Neil: When we’ve finished our tea and scone, how do we get back home?

Michael: By bus

Neil: Do you enjoy going to Whitehouse Farm?

Michael: Aye!  

Michael's story describes a typical day out to Whitehouse Farm that he makes with the rural studies group he belongs to. Posted on 18/10/2010 at 11:48:20

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