A very white wedding

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Hazel tells us about her son's very, very white wedding.

By Hazel Killeen

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It was the night of the eve of my son's wedding, the 28th of March 1979. He came in and said, "mam, I'm not going to be able to get married tomorrow, there's too much snow, we can't walk or anything." When the morning came, we knew we had to get ready so it was wellies out for everyboby and Catherine, his fiance, had to put her wedding dress in a case and carry it to the church and get dressed in the vestry at St. Joseph's church at Stanley. The wedding photographs, people wearing wellies, standing at the back of the church, no dressy up things. The weather was too bad, there was no buses running or cars running and they dug a dug-out outside for them to have one photo taken outside and the snow is right up to Catherine's head and after the wedding we walked down to Tanfield Lea, had our lunch and of course everyone couldn't get to the wedding so the men in the bar had a lunch too because there was so much food left. My husband and father couldn't walk home so the four of us had to stay in Tanfield Lea with a relative and we were stuck there for two days until the buses started to run again. It's a wedding that I will never forget but the bride and groom have been very happy now for twenty-one years.

a very lovely story, and funny pictures with the wedding crowd in wellies. great stuff.Posted on 30/04/2010 at 09:38:52

Hazel the writer of this is my second cousin as her mum Vera was the daughter of Florence sister to my grandfather so would love to hear from anyone who knows the family. burgessderek@sky.comPosted on 18/06/2015 at 20:27:55

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