An Ode to Alan

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Kaylee's story is a loving tribute to her wonderful husband and beautiful daughter.

By Kaylee Sirs

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Video transcript

How time flies by, June 22nd 2010 was our 4th wedding anniversary. Four years ago, I, Kaylee Louise and Alan John married on a white sandy beach in Negril, Jamaica, with us was daughter Ellie, then six years old as our bridesmaid. It was a wonderful day, filled with happiness and deep admiration for everyone concerned.

Fourth year as a married couple, but coming up in October it will be our twentieth year together. We met in 1989 in the back of the Rossmere pub in Hartlepool. I was sixteen and Alan was twenty years old. We were inseparable! For the first few months of courting one another and due to the stressful year I'd had, Alan was a welcome change and a delight to know.

Before meeting Alan, the year 1989 had been turbulent one for me. For instance, partaking in final exams from school and meeting my biological father for the first time.

Unfortunately, in the January of 1990, I experienced severe mental health problems, consisting of anxiety and depression, having to gain help from my GP and psychiatrist in the form of drug therapy and anxiety management.

I remember telling Alan, in the early onset of the illness, to leave me and find himself a normal girl and refused to see him for a few days. He then visited me four days later, armed with eleven red roses, with one white rose. Also with this, was a card with the following words on, "Something can be different, without being weird."

Over the last twenty years, I have experienced more episodes of poor mental health but have always managed to bounce back, recover fully and also work within the care arena. I have completed a higher education access course and then went on to study mental health illness in Teesside University.

Alan and I have a beautiful ten year old daughter now, Ellie, and I can honestly say, that with hind sight, if it weren't for the amazing, strong love and support from my Alan, I don't know where I'd be today. Thank you Alan.  

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