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Ann's story is about a childhood memory of visiting her father at work.

By Ann Cheeseman

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This story was inspired by a biscuit tin from the collections at the Regional Resource Centre.

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There were two biscuit tins amongst the artifacts on the shelves in the resource centre both with the name of the firm my father works for. I was immediately transported back to that day 60 years ago when I was an infant and visited my father's office for the first and maybe only time. The approach was down a steep, cobbled hill which led into a tunnel built for the days when horses and carts collected produce from the warehouse. There were cobbles along the tunnel which could be approached from both sides which made it cold, dark and draughty even on a sunny day. Roughly half way along the tunnel was a door and above it noisy men using a crane to load boxes onto a stationary vehicle. Through the door was a steep wooden staircase but on turning right I entered a small room dominated by a huge brown desk, I saw nothing else, this was a wonderful sight. I wanted to climb on the smooth black leather surface and play with the fascinating objects in front of me, red and black rubber stamps on rotating stands, revolving calendars with twistable knobs, typewriters with buttons to press and big black bakelite telephones to answer. Then I noticed the circular wooden chair in which my father was seated which rotated when he turned to answer the telephone. What fun that would be!

Ann's story is about a childhood memory of visiting her father at work. Posted on 13/07/2010 at 09:33:44

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