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Alison's story is about her dog and her family and how their love for their dog binds them together.

By Alison Newman

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This story was inspired by the collections at Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens.

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I have two children a boy and a girl and recently I got broody so I made a new addition to my family which was Leo.  He has four legs, a black noise and short brown hair.  When my two children saw our new addition they shed tears of joy.  There has not been such a joyous occasion in their short lives before.  Leo enjoys walks, he plays all day long, he has a special ted called Lenny.  He is quite cute as you can see by the pictures.  Also he likes to be dressed up and never complains or bites.  He is my best friend and my substitute baby.  This is a description of my baby boy Leo, my friendly family dog.  

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