Birthday in the limo

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Jessica's story is about when she went in a limo for her birthday, it cost lots of money but everyone had lots of fun.

By Jessica Penfold

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This story was inspired by an object from the collections at the Regional Resource Centre at Beamish.

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The car made me think of my birthday when a limo was my birthday surprise.  While I was waiting for my surprise everyone was coming. Me and Katherine wore a dress and leggings, my sister wore a t-shirt and skirt, Catlin and Hollie wore a t-shirt and leggings and Chantelle wore a t-shirt and trousers.  When ever I stood up in the limo I would always fall back down so people had to help me across to my brother (Anthony).

The limo came after school on Monday and on the floor was ice and snow. When we were in the limo I gave some people a mask and some people a hat, and by the way the music was blasting. Just before we went in the limo the driver opened the door and everyone let me in first since it was my birthday. The limo was pink with pink hearts on the seats and the ceiling was shining like stars but when we sat down we ate sweets and drank Dr Pepper. We never wore any seatbelts. I took a photo with my sister, Chantelle, Hollie, Katherine, Gemma, Anthony, Caitlin then by myself.

When we got home we had the best party food because Cathy and Dave, my mam and dad's friends, cooked and bought the food.  When everyone went home I was a bit sad but I knew everyone had fun - especially me!

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