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Sophie describes her last birthday, all the people she spent it with and the cards and presents that she received.

By Sophie Cowell


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This story was inspired by a birthday card from the collections at the Museum of Hartlepool.

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One day it was my birthday. I went to school. My dad picked me up and I got dressed into my party clothes and my best friend came over and me and my mam and my dad and my nana and my best friend went for a meal. It was good and after the meal I had an ice-cream then I went to Seaton and I went in the arcades with my best friend and my dad and me. Then I went to pick my mam and my nana up and after we picked them up, we went back to our house. Then after a while we took my nana home then I went back to my house and my brother's girlfriend came to our house and gave me some presents and a card and my brother's girlfriend went home and my friend went home, I took her home. After I took my friend home, my cousin came over and she gave me a present and a card and she stayed for a bit and my aunty came round and gave me another present and three cards with money in it. It was good.  

i like this and the pichers Posted on 19/05/2010 at 01:33:00

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