Choices: time gone by

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Johnny's story is about regaining control of his life after some hard times.

By Johnny Mcmurray

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Video transcript

Choices- time gone by. Being young as a lad in the 70’s and 80’s, to my present day. It was the norm to pop next door to borrow milk or a loaf of bread, if you done out wrong, any neighbour would give you a clip, if you were too slow and not too quick. Every door was left open, all aunty Pegs and uncle Micks, lots of kids having fun, chasing the rag and bone man. Now all you see is locks and bolts and CCTV, cops on every other corner, wanting, waiting just to search me. The fun of yesterday has long gone by, we even killed the ozone in the sky.

What I remember is the Thatcher era, now you can’t buy things, its ten times dearer. Even times like new years eve, no ones having parties because of thieves, not many trips or youth clubs, its too dear to even go to the pubs. A lot of people turn to crime, just to stay off the poverty line. People say recession is like a sinking ship, lifes like an angry iron grip. Lifes like a roundabout, sometimes, some things, we have all been there and all do it again- Happy, loving, caring, sad, even painful memories, we all have them, some we choose to forget. Myself, a bad boy, tough, one of the lads, I look at life in a different way now, ive done crime im not proud of. Had and lost money, been on drugs, done things others could only dream of, or read about in books. Lived abroad, spent time with rich and famous. I got pulled into a dark place, I was kept there by drugs, a false sense of security. I had choices to make, carry on and tay in the dark, or reach out and be counted, one of the chosen few. I stuck my hand out, and with Jen, my partner and my kids by my side, yes they pulled me from this endless pit I was in. Im now winning my battle one day at a time, im now out of that awful gloomy place, and now im proud again. I hold my head high these days, all I do is shine. Life itself is a battle, everyday choices we have them. Choices- make the right ones, don’t do it the hard way. Step back, look at what you’ve got- it may not be a lo, but believe me- choices we have all got them. Its better than being in jail and left to rot.

I get my kids things I could only dream of as a boy these days, the best of bikes, clothes, the best of electronic toys. From past to present, things have really changed. What I would do to go through time and do it again. But without the drugs and crime , the bad times sorrow and pain, we all dream of a better life, and now Ive got mine, my kids, my Jen, my perfect life.

Johnny's story is about regaining control of his life after some hard times. Posted on 20/12/2010 at 03:09:16

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