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Lauren's story is about her nana and what it was like to spend time with her and how this had impacted on her life.

By Lauren Prince

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This story was inspired by some rollers from the collections at Discovery Museum, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums.

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I've got quite a collection of derelict hair products. I've pretty much tried and tested the lot from hot air brushes, and tongs, to crimping irons (which probably weren't my best choice) in an attempt to tame my unruly mane.

My Nana never really had these problems when she was getting ready. Me and my sister would go to her house on a Saturday when she would look after us while mam was at work. I always loved watching her get ready. She would wind her hair round lots of spiky rollers and pin them into place then pull out the leather travel case. She would pop the lid and plug herself into this futuristic looking device, with its bendy hose and plastic cap. One turn of the dial and it would kick into action and what a noise it made!

We watched her completely transfixed as the shower cap, with hose attached, inflated on her head and she would sit for awhile whilst her hair dried and we played. With her hair dried and set, curly and brown, she was ready for the day and whatever came her way. With jelly and tip top for breakfast, we accompanied nana to her Tea Dances, wearing her silver shoes, and long strings of colourful beads

I envied the effortlessness of her routine, it was so far removed from my daily battle to yank and pull my hair straight and fashion it into some sort of style. So, a few years back I decided to give up my complicated hair routine and I realised after all those years that I had spent painstakingly drying my hair and attempting to flatten it that my pursuit of straight and smooth hair had prevented me from seeing what had always been there! And as my hair dried naturally, that I have inherited my Nana's curls! So no longer do I struggle with my hair instead I've embraced the curls and wear it this way almost every day.

My mam still has nana's hairdryer and although the strap is broken on the case now and a belt is fixed into its place. I’m sure it still works and impressively its outlived all of my hairdryers which have had a tendency to spectacularly catch fire whilst in use.

I'm sure one day I will master the technique and set my hair just like Nana.

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