Curry night on Ocean Road

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This story is about living in South Shields and the Indian restaurants there.

By Liaquat Ali

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Video transcript

I live in South Shields, Ocean Road. I moved here nearly 2 years ago. South Shields is very famous and popular for Indian food. Most Asian families would live in South Shields because there is a Bengali community, everybody is the same religion, Muslim and there are one or two mosques here. Muslim people like halal food and Asian food. Because I like my country in Bangladesh near the south of Bangladesh near the Bay of Bengal, I like the seaside, the South Shields community is near the sea and looks nice. They are near the seaside and everything. The Indian food, the Indian people and Indian culture is now and is all together in South Shields. It is multicultural and multicultural food. Not Indian food now, everybody says it is Indian food, no, not now, it is multicultural food. English people, like other people, all people like Indian food.

In Bangladesh, in Pakistan all of the cooks inside are female. Our chef, he said, its 25 years experience on Ocean Road. He is a very famous chef. Any curry, any dishes, first time. I sometimes go in the kitchen where he makes some food, very carefully. Clean and tidy. And the dishes, all of the dishes, look very nice. I don’t like the food too hot, spicy but just medium, not too hot. Some English people like the food very, very hot. But Indian, Asian people like it hot medium. English people like it very hot!  

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