Fijis Sapphires

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Accession No: TWCMS : 2009.238
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Patrick's story is about a turtle who goes to find his sapphires. His journey takes him from Australia to India and Lanzarote.

By Patrick Painter

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This story was inspired by the collections at the Great North Museum : Hancock.

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Video transcript

I love turtles. In this story a turtle called Fiji Zealand collects sapphires all over the world were I have been in real life. Sapphire is my birth stone. One sunny morning Fiji woke up and went downstairs to get some breakfast then he got the shock of his life "no!" he screamed “my sapphires have been stolen, it took me a fortune to buy them.". "I’ll just have to find them myself now." so he headed out of the front door (without any breakfast).

He had been swimming for an hour now and he had reached India already and he had found a few sapphires on the way. He was now hungry (probably because he didn't have any breakfast) so he went to a nice curry shop were he bought chicken tika and rice. Next he went to New Delhi and then to the beach and then set off again.

This time though he was swimming in another direction. Another hour went past and he had now reached Lanzorote. When he had found 15 sapphires an underwater volcano erupted missing him by millimetres, "that was close" he said and the set off.

But this time he sailed north where he met his friend Joey Marshall, he gave Fiji a few sapphires and then they both went home.  

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