From Being Alone to not Being Alone

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This story is about how Tosanused tospend most of her time at home alone but now spends a lot of time with her friends.

By Tosan Biyibi

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Video transcript

Being alone was not always bad for me. I could always do what I liked and it was fun but it did hurt a little bit because there was no one to share my fun with. I remember one time I asked my mum to have a baby sister for me and I was so upset when she said no because at the time, my cousin, who was older than me and like a sister to me had a little sister and I got very jealous but I guess I'm grateful for having my two older brothers but as usual boys will be boys and I guess they had no time to babysit me so I just sat down and drew a whole load of drawings.

I've kept them 'til today because they are very special to me. I've never really known how alone I was until now because my mum and dad were always at work, Tsemi and Femi who are my older brothers were somewhere or another and there was just me at home drawing. From being alone most of the time, I've become more independent, I've developed a love for drawing and I hope to be a fashion designer or an artist in the future.

I guess you could say that drawing and being alone most of the time has shaped my personality but over the years I've slowly but surely come out of my shell from the timid, shy, quiet and lonely girl to someone who is able to express themself not only by words but by art and fashion. My family and friends have also shaped my personality. I have become more loud and more cheerful thanks to my friends but I'm still quiet and soft- spoken. All these feelings and emotions are brought out from not being alone. 


Loved your drawings TosanPosted on 09/11/2009 at 04:14:25

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