Growing Up in Bangladesh

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Jahanara's story is about growing up in Bangladesh with her family.

By Jahanara Showkat Shely

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Video transcript

I grew up in Sylhet in Bangladesh. My father was a fabrics merchant who earned lots of money by selling materials. My father used to go to different cities to trade them. He would bring back nice materials such as satin, soft silk and cotton which were in different colours and prints, for me and two sisters. We used to use these materials to make our own dresses in own designs. Sometimes, when we watched TV, we would pick out the different designs that we saw, and make it into our designs. Every time we made our own dresses, our friends loved them and they would always ask us to make some dresses for them too and so we did. My father preferred his three daughters to his five sons as whenever he saw something nice like dresses, bags, hair clips and if he could find three the same colour he would buy it for us .My mother owned two rickshaws, one of which took my father to the clothes store and back .He used to pay my mother the monthly payment. She spent the money on anything she wanted, mainly on gold jewellery for herself and her three daughters. Me and my sisters went to school one mile away we meet up with some of our friends and walk to school together .One of my friends lived near the school, so every lunch time all my friends and I went to her house and would have fresh fruit,s raw mangoes  that were hard, sour and cold, which was always perfect for Bangladesh’s extremely hot weather .On very hot days we even swam in their pond, which was massive, and then went back to school. I never forget my childhood, beautiful moment, and raw mangoes from pick up from the trees, nice and beautiful dresses. I miss those days so much, sometimes I get tears in my eyes. I wish I could be care free like in my childhood.

Jahanara's story is about growing up in Bangladesh with her family. Posted on 11/11/2010 at 03:22:32

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