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Evdokia's story is about a decision she made about how to live her life.

By Evdokia Kulmasova

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This story was inspired by a painting from the collections at the Laing Art Gallery.

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Why do people ruin their lives with stupid decisions? People make these decisions when they are young and live with them through all their life. Saying no to something attractive is hard. I remember when something like that happened to me.

It was an after school afternoon. I walked home eating crisps when three girls from my year group joined me, and I didn't like it. Meanwhile, Jade started talking to me, she was the most cheeky and rude one of them. Jade asked me: "Can we walk home with you?" I thought about it for a moment, why would they be kind to me at all? They always calling me names at school. "No." was my answer. I walked faster and looked forward, trying to ignore them but they caught up. "Why?" Jade looked at me surprisedly. "Because." I replied. They were cool, rude and everyone liked them in school. By that time, I've eaten my crisps, but I didn't have any pockets and there wasn't any bins around so I had to hold the rubbish in my hand. Jade tried to get me to throw the rubbish on the road, but I didn't. She tried everything she could, starting from laughing at me and finishing with shouting at me, but I just wouldn't give up. Jade told me that she will be my best friend if I will just throw the rubbish. I was confused for a second, if I will say yes and Jade will not lie, I will have a friend that everyone knows and respects and is very cool. But why would she do that? Why would she bother? I realised that she will never be my friend. I turned to the other road, just to stop this nonsense. I had to walk all around the town to get home. Jade and her two friends where very angry at me, they didn't get a chance to upset me, they just couldn't.

In one week time, I heard that Jade and her friends started smoking, in a month later they started drinking. First time I didn't believe it, but then I saw it. I then remembered our little talk on the way home. Me, standing out there with them and doing such horrible things and spoiling my life was a horrible thought. My friends that I have are very nice and good. And I don't care if someone laughs at me, but I do care about my life, and I hope you do too. Remember that there are millions of people just like you, and millions that are different. Choose your path wisely and be confident in anything you do! Good luck.   

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