Managing to Budget on Benefits

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Daryl explains how difficult it is to survive on dole money.

By Daryl Douglas

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Video transcript

Managing to budget on benefits.

I sign on every two weeks at the job centre. I look on the job points for jobs, but there’s never more than five vacancies in anyone’s field. I only get a hundred and one pounds to live on for two weeks. I’ve got to spend it all on food, pay the rent, council tax, gas, electric, water rates, TV licence. Sometimes even travel expenses. At the end of it all I’m skint, only spare change left. Can’t afford to go out with my friends much or my girlfriend. Lack of jobs available, the UK is in a recession, it’s all the banks’ fault. This is my life, could you live it?

short and sweet. keep trying!Posted on 16/11/2009 at 09:47:45

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