Memories of a child after the war

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Ellen remembers the rationing of sweets and fruit after the war.

By Ellen Glendinning

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This story was inspired by a photograph from the collections at the Regional Resource Centre at Beamish.

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Memories of a child after the war.

As a child I remember going down to the sweet shop at the end of my lane on a Friday night with my pocket money and ration book to buy sweets. I used to stand on a large stone beneath the shop window looking in to see which sweets I would buy. These sweets had to last me a week until the next Friday. Also, although not rationed at this time, after the war fruit was very scarce. I remember when word got around the village that Brown’s fruiterers had had a delivery of fruit. My mother used to send me running along to the shop to see what I could get. There was always a queue and Mrs Brown used to ration out what she gave customers so everyone would get some fruit and I was lucky enough to get oranges and bananas.

I love to hear stories of post war recovering society, wonderful story:)Posted on 14/02/2010 at 04:25:04

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