Moving House

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Kimberley's story is about moving from a high rise flat into a house.

By Kimberley Savage

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Video transcript

The tower block I live in is going to be pulled down quite soon so I will be moving to a house in Holly Avenue.

It will be better to live in a house rather than the flat - I won't have to use a fob or the buzzer to get in and I won't have to walk up as many stairs.  I will also be nearer to school and my grandma and granddad and I will have a garden.  The garden needs a little tidying up but it will be lovely to plant some flowers and help mam and dad to make it look nice.

But I will miss my three friends, Jack, Sophie and Rachel. They're moving too - but I don't know where to yet.

When we went to look around our new house I saw a purple bike in one of the rooms. My Dad said it was his but on Easter I found the bike was a surprise present for me.   I'm  looking forward to playing out in the street with my friend Liam and it'll be great fun learning to ride my bike outside my new house...something I wouldn't have been able to do at the flat .  So I'm really looking forward to the changes that are about to happen in my life.

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