Mr monster in Brilliant burger

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Kaiya tells us why she likes making animations using her monster collection.

By Kaiya Bonnin

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Video transcript

I’m Kaiya and I'm 12 years old. I made this because I like animating and have made a few on my phone, one of which is on this film, I also collect the monsters in it since I got  one at my friend's party 2 years ago, and the amount just keeps growing."


in a diner. mr monster walks in

worker- "hello sir, may i take your order?"

mr monster- "hmm, yes, i'll have a ,err, i'll have the 'monster meal' please"

mr monster sits down, and the worker brings him the food

worker- "here you go sir"

mr monster eats the the food leaving the ice cream and eating the burger last

he loves it so much he goes in a trance like state with a weird background

mr monster- "mmmmmmmmmmmmm" "wow! could i have some more?"

worker- "no more left, sorry!"

mr monster- "well, what about the recipe?"

worker- "now THAT i can do! first you take the finest white bun, cut it in half; then you fry the best British beef , until it's golden-brown; now put 1 leaf of crisp, green-white, moist lettuce; then place, lightly, the top of the bun, making the succulent burger. mmm-mmm"

mr monster-"wow"

worker's hat turns into monster and eats the ice-cream then lots of monsters run in and dance

The dance clip, at the end, was the thing I made on my phone, at school, it wasn't that hard, but they didn't move much, however, it did take a while. The reason why I’m into animation is because it's fun, and when you finish you feel proud. I hope you enjoyed my film.

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