My Dress

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Chelsie's story is about the dress she had when she was little.

By Chelsie Sinton


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This story was inspired by a dress from the collections at the Museum of Hartlepool.

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When I was six years old every weekend I used to go to the caravan that my Nan and Granddad owned. Once every few months there was a fun day. There were bouncy castles, races, a buffet and fancy dress competitions. It was so much fun and I won lots of races. I came second in most of the races, but I came first in sprint and the obstacle race. I loved to get my face painted and often chose a rabbit.

Every time I would see people in their different outfits. There were artists, dogs, mad scientists, soldiers and much more. Also, almost every girl would dress as a princess. I was one of those girls. I loved my plain red dress and silver tiara. I was a princess for the day and I felt so special even though there were about 10 other people with almost the same outfit. I won once when I was in the dress and another time when I was an artist, but that is a completely different story. I felt a rush of excitement as I stepped onto the stage to be judged. After the fancy dress competition my mum would take me on the bouncy castle and get me ice-cream. My dress was so precious to me that I would take it off before I ate.

My first primary school, South Kilvington, had a fancy dress party every year and I wore my dress every time. I loved my dress and was devastated when it got too small for me because my mum said we had to get rid of it. I said it was too good to bin, so she sold it.

I was so sad that day. People might just think that it's a dress but I loved it and still do. Although I didn’t want to get rid of it, it makes me happy to think that another girl could be wearing it right now. I’m sure if you think back to your early childhood there will be something that you cherished, you might still have it or you might have had to get rid of it. Memories are so wonderful and I couldn’t imagine life without any. I hope you remember and cherish your childhood forever.  

I liked 'My Dress' because I wrote it. I enjoyed writing it with my friends. I thank Culture Shock for letting me take part in this project.Posted on 01/12/2009 at 10:53:12

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