Rain and Shine

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Saad's story is about the differences between Cairo and South Shields.

By Saad Alani

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Video transcript

I lived in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. It’s an old city, it has many old buildings, however, Cairo has a new building also. Cairo is a very crowded city, it has a museum that includes many pieces from old people like Roman and Islamic. After that I travelled to the UK and lived in South Shields. It’s a nice place and has a mix between old and new buildings. South Shields has a museum and customs house and an old market. It has a lighthouse to guide the ships and a nice park to walk in and the kids to play. The sea is very close and people can go, especially if the weather is nice. There are many differences between South Shields and Cairo. It has many people who live in it, it is a very busy city, the shops stay open until 1am and you can make any food delivery 24 hours a day. But South Shields is a very quiet town. I am here because my partner lives in South Shields and she likes South Shields because it is a quiet town. And the people are very friendly, more than other places. I like the quietness in South Shields but sometimes I miss the hustle and bustle.

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