Roller Skating

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Robyn tells us about going skating.

By Robyn Varela

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Video transcript

Saturday night, the best part of the week and everyone’s here. Neil, Steven, Andy, Sam, Katie, Lee, Kev and Zita – fiends that I don’t see any other time. Games like British Bulldog and fast and Furious that I only play here and music that I can only hear at skating, although not so sad about that with some of the shout outs we get.

Good fast games, great music, sometimes not so great and most importantly the great laughs that are occasionally followed by impressive bruises, cuts and scrapes.

As it starts, the lights go out in the hall and music blares and rainbow coloured lights whiz around the skaters. People singing and dancing, usually Steven and Neil and occasionally falling spectacularly on the floor all around. Even thought there are a few girls who skate, I go around with Steven and Neil mostly – more chance of playing tag and definatley more laughs.

The first game for us is always Bulldog and I will always be tagged. Not that I’m not fast but because my friends are fastest and best skaters there and they have no problem with targeting me every week. Still, it’s very good, especially if I manage to evade them for a few rounds, but that doesn’t usually happen.

After that its back to skating round like a lunatic trying to avoid all the little suicide kids who suddenly decide to skate the wrong way or even better shoot in a tight angle straight in front of you. Thankfully we can dodge them most of the time.

Fast and Furious – Steven or Kev is the tagger and all the rest of us are whizzing round like maniacs trying to keep in the gamer. Usually Danger Zone gets played and we sing along while our legs are burning and our arms are flailing. Because we are the advances skaters Ryan, the DJ, makes it a little harder by sometimes turning us round clockwise or figure eight. That’s it, we’re all out, tagged and exhausted. That was class, can’t wait till next week. We’ll usually finish by playing a bit of tag but then its goodbye and we’re walking out. Me, Neil, Andy, Sam and Katie have already gone out and Steven helps tidy the hall. I’ll see them next week.

Robyn tells us about going skating. Posted on 26/10/2010 at 09:28:27

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