Say Cheese (the story of Blue Stilton)

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Margaret tells us where she gets her love of Stilton cheese from.

By Margaret Taylor

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Video transcript

I’m going to talk about my maternal grandmother, Grandma Hamlin, she was a wonderful old lady. The photograph you can see is the only time she ever wore a hat and coat. She always wore a black shawl and a black cap and she crocheted the shawls herself. She crocheted all her own chair back covers. When we used to go down to see her she used to give you two cream crackers and slices of Stilton cheese. She used to say to you ‘eat that up, it’ll do you good’. And that’s where I got my love of Stilton cheese from. And when you were coming home she used to give you what we all called sweet tobacco, which was strips of liquorice, and a penny to come home with. During the war she moved down to Street and she was bombed out and she didn’t live long after that. I think it was the shock that killed her. But she was a wonderful old lady, she never travelled on a tramcar, she walked everywhere she went. She used to walk from the town up to my mothers at the top of Southwick and then walk back again. She walked everywhere she went.  

Sounds like an amazing woman. And I love blue stilton as well!Posted on 10/11/2009 at 06:05:03

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