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Peter's story is about his life.

By Peter Thirlaway

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A mask to look happy, a mask to look bad, a mask to look angry, a mask to look sad. But when alone at night, to finish off the day, I peel away the many masks I’ve worn throughout the day. The reflection in the mirror, is it really me? I have peeled away so many masks, there is nothing left to see.  A spark of recognition, ignites a train of thought, that leaves me feeling frightened, alone and so distraught.

Make up applied, just like a child, hair that’s such a mess, eyes are darting round the room, stains that mock her dress. My sister and I try and hide, because we don’t know what she will do, whether she will cut off all our hair or smack us with a shoe. The ambulance pulls up outside, they are coming to take her away, you can see the fear in her eyes, our worlds are shades of grey.

She’s screaming like a banshee now, as they’re breaking down the door. She’s smashing up this unhappy home, and stamping on the floor. They wrestle her to the ground, an injection, then a groan. She lies there like a broken doll, looking lost and so alone. The tears run down our cheeks, where so many have ran before.

Two heart broken children, left alone once more.

Peter's story is about his life. Posted on 04/01/2011 at 10:37:50

absoloutly brilliant Posted on 26/05/2012 at 19:43:46

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