Special Time with God

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Gersain tells us about a special day he spent with God at the beach in South Shields.

By Gersain Henao

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Video transcript

One day I decided to go to the beach in South Shields. So, this was a Saturday morning and I tool my camera with me for more than 2 hours. I was basically praying and talking with God. At the same time I took some pictures of the beautiful seaside. I felt my spirit rise up and I spent a lovely time with God at the place where I went. Also I made some decisions about my life because I was an asylum seeker. I decided to move from England to another place, that was because we were waiting for more than 7 years for any decision. We used to go to North Shields immigration office every month. This was quite hard for us because every time I was with my family I was thinking maybe this is going to be the last day we are going to live in this country. But then God told me I had to wait at his will and I had to have faith in him for the result of my life. So months later I received my papers. For me it was a miracle really because my family and I, we now are free to live in this country and I am quite happy to live in South Shields and I think it is a beautiful place to live as well.

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