The olden days 1966

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This story is about Keith's memories of going out fishing with his dad.

By Keith Jackson

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Video transcript

When I was a kid about 1966, ten year old, me and me dad and me brother went fishing. We used to live at Wingate, so we had to go all the way down to Hartlepool where me dad used to have his fishing boat. And we used to go fishing, and take our boat out to Blackhall rocks. We used to chuck the nets out so we could go fishing on our own.

About 3 hours later we would go back and see if we had caught any fish, and when we went back we could see them all in their nets, loads of fish. So we got the fish, went back to the docks and we took some home, and me dad and me and my brother went round to the streets, for the people who couldn’t afford fish or out like that  and we give them some fish. Then we went back home and my mam and me brother and my sisters all had fish and chips for tea. When me mam made our teas, she made home made bread and real butter, for our tea, and that was a good day out- me, brother and my Dad. Thank you.

This story is about Keith's memories of going out fishing with his dad. Posted on 04/01/2011 at 10:32:02

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