The party!

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This story is about a party that Rhianon went to when she was younger.

By Rhianon White


Other information

This story was inspired by a painting from the collections at the Museum of Hartlepool.

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Video transcript

When I was about 5 or 6 I was going on a family holiday to Wales. We were going to spend a couple of days staying with my auntie and uncle, my cousins and my nana. One night we all got invited to a party of my auntie’s sister. We just walked there as it was only a couple of streets away. When we arrive me and my two cousins, Amy and Becky wanted to do a dance. We put some music in the cd player, it was the song ‘Hey Macarena’ which has dance moves to go with it. We did it in front of everyone and I was happy with the dance. It didn’t last long. After this I sat down next to my mam, I was tired and bored. I then saw some children playing outside in the garden and wanted to join in to keep me from being bored as I was just sitting there. I got up and ran towards the clear patio door which led to a backyard. I kept on running and didn’t realise the door wasn’t open like I thought it was. I smacked my head full force on the patio door. I fell straight to the ground crying, my mam went and grabbed a bag of peas from the freezer….

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