The Royal Wedding

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Doreen's childhood ambition was to have a royal wedding.

By Doreen Pearson

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Video transcript

The Royal Wedding

In the year of 1981, on the 29th July, was the wedding of Lady Diana and Prince Charles.

Everybody celebrated this royal wedding. There were parties in the streets with union jack flags and banners. There were mugs made with a picture of Lady Diana and Prince Charles on.

I was 7 years old and my infants school, Garnett Infants got the children to act out the wedding. My twin brother mark played the part of Prince Charles and I played the part of the head bridesmaid. It was a really fun day. All of the children enjoyed themselves and it made us feel really important. 

The royal wedding inspired me for my wedding 24 years later. I always wanted a dress like Diana’s but by the time I got married it was old fashioned. My dress had sequence across the body, down the side and around the bottom. I did feel like royalty when I got married though, because I got married an the town hall.

When I didn’t get the part of Lady Diana for the school play in 1981 I was really upset, but in 2005 it was my time to be married and I was the bride.

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