Three Generations of Todds

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Accession No: TWCMS : 2009.134
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This is the story of three generations of the Todd family on a day out to Seahouses.

By Erin Todd and Tracey Todd


Other information

This story was inspired by a lighthouse lantern from the collections at the Museum of Hartlepool.

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I'm up early and very excited, got to get organised we're having a family day out. Mams decided on Seahouses I've just got to drag her out of bed. The cars all packed just grandma and grandad to collect. My sister and I opt for the back seats because no-one is keen on mam’s driving. When we arrive the weathers not so good but I don't care we are going to have a funday out. We meet up with aunty Denise, Joe and Daniel and head straight for the fish shop. It doesn't seem the right thing to have done looking at the sea. We man haul grandad onto the boat and three generations of Todd's head for the Farne Islands. The sea is rough, the adults are green and frantically clinging to the side but for us kids its better than a roller coaster. Who needs Blackpool Pleasure Beach! On our journey we see seals, puffins and Grace Darling’s house. The boat hasn't even docked and the adults are off. I don't think it's the excitement of seeing the light house but us kids are anxious to explore. Windswept, ruddy faced but happy we return to land. I need something to fix my upset stomach, I know ice creams all round. I love our family days out, they're something that I'll always treasure.  

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