Three Minute Miracle

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Gordon's story is about how important timing can be, from getting there on time to see a once in a lifetime experice, or to save a little life!

By Gordon Bray

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Video transcript

My partner, Donna hadn’t had movements all morning again. The hospital said when she went there on the Sunday ‘Any probs, come straight to maternity’ ‘Ah, I’ll leave it for now’ she said ‘Go to the hospital, I’ll stay off work and look after the kids’ was my reply. ‘Maybe later I’ll go.’

It was about 2.30pm when I got a call off Donna’s sister. ‘She’s going to have the baby!’ ‘She can’t!’ I said ‘she’s got another 2 months!’ My workmate explained what was happening, as it happened the same to him, ‘foetal distress Gordon….the baby wants to come out! Get yourself to the hospital son!’

I got to the hospital and was guided here and there until I got to the right place. ‘I’m here to see Donna?’ ‘Ah Mr Bray, she’s just in this side room….oh they’ve took her….I’ll see if you can attend the birth.’ Birth? This ain’t happening now surely?! I waited in a small room, the time was 3pm. Damn, I tried to get here as quick as I could! I then started listening to the sound of distant voices inaudibly chatting and the sound of a baby crying in another room. Then I looked at the clock 3:03pm. Come on! Where is she? Then I was reading a poster on the wall, I heard a trolley and the sounds of feet walking with it. I thought ‘must be the tea trolley.’ Then a nurse came in ‘Hi Gordon, did you see your baby daughter?’ ‘Eh?’ I responded ‘Where?’ ‘She’s just gone past in the incubator, she’s off to the special baby unit!’ Just then they bring Donna into the side room. She was still groggy from the anaesthetic. ‘Where am I?’ she said ‘It’s ok – the baby is fine!’ was my emotional reply. ‘Ah this must be the father, hello Mr Bray, I’m the doctor, everything was a bit touch and go but we got there in the end!’ I was a little curious as to what he said’ ‘What do you mean doc? Touch and go?’ ‘Well if your wife had not come here at the time she did, I’d be informing you of a death rather than a birth!’ The blood drained from my face – the shock hit me pretty hard. ‘Would you like to go upstairs to see your baby Mr Bray?’  said the nurse, ‘Erm, yeah thanks!’

Laura Michelle Sarah Bray was in the special care unit for 7 weeks and is now one of four of my lovely little children. My little miracle from God.

Good story, this.Posted on 08/06/2010 at 11:51:02

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