Train Journey

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Stephen's story is about a train journey and his pocket watch.

By Stephen Watson

Other information

This story was inspired by a pocket watch from the collections at Discovery Museum, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums.

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I have my pocket watch in my waistcoat pocket and I always have it with me all the time. I was out and about in the town and going down along the road to get on the bus to the railway station. I was on time to catch the train to Newcastle for 10 o’clock.   As I walked to the footbridge towards the platform I passed by the signal box. I got my ticket at the ticket office. I waited outside the waiting room for the train to arrive. I took my watch out to check the time when the train arrived. The time is 9:15am. By the time the train arrived at platform 1 it was 9:30. Then I got onboard the train and as the train left Gateshead station it travelled along the High Level Bridge. From the bridge you get a really good view of the River Tyne and the Tyne Bridge. When I arrived at the station at 10 o’clock in the morning and then I got off the train. As I walked along towards the exit, the way out of the station and then I heard the church clock strike the hour and I looked at the time on my pocket watch. It was nearly 5 past 10 and I have just realised I have made an appointment at Blandford House and I get the next bus to Blandford Square. I checked my pocket watch again. I have a learning disability and ever since I was a little boy I have been fascinated by clocks and time and trains.  

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