Washday Blues

Duration: 1:29 minutes
Accession No: TWCMS : 2009.552
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Christina's story is in two parts. The first is about the stages of life and the second is a reflection on how women are still 'chained' to the kitchen sink.

By Christina McAdam

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Video transcript

Washday Blues

Kicking, screaming, yelling She emerged from the womb's warmth. The shock of sound- voices, metal clanging The brightness forcing the eyes open. She had arrived.

A new womb now, a cocoon of sensations- thoughts, eureka moments, the joy of discovery. Tales of the old country.

Later, still kicking and screaming She found her own voice. Assertive ideas turned to challenges. Refusal to accept.

Heartache through knowledge A cynicism of systems deadening dreams and ideals.

Now- the joy of rediscovered innocence.

Washday blues Rubbing, scrubbing Futile labour Shrunken fingers, bulging muscles Wringing out the past.

Washday blues Cleansing soft fabric on harsh metal Pounding life into cleanliness.

Now, liberation in a machine Swirling, swishing automated labour Freedom in a tub.

Women labour now with new technology. Driers, spinners, grinders, deep fat fryers. Technological slavery.  

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