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Emma gives us a view on the world through the eyes of mental health.

By Emma Napper

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It's not like I don't pay attention. I just do it in a different way. This isn't a bad thing, but people don't understand and try to point me in a different way of dealing with things. Without digging in too deep with my life I’ll just say my mental health affects the way I communicate. Things don't really happen unless I do it or listen to it and it's not because I’m not paying attention and don't listen to you.  I am, really. Just because my hair covers my eyes it doesn't mean I’m not here. Still here. I can see but choose not to. A lot of this comes from longing to be perfect, and from being bullied.

My advice to you would be continue to be who you are and act the same way you always do because if you start to change small things like your behaviour you change the person you are and to be honest acting the way you do makes you feel more confident to continue with what your goals are. In the end, life with your eyes covered is much better than seeing life with them wide open, it makes people stereotypical and judgemental. Try life with your eyes covered and you might one day understand what it's like to be struck down with mental health issues.

Until my actions are complete I will hide behind my music in my headphones, the hair that covers my face, the dye that covers my mood swings and the accessories that cover the mess.

Actions is not seeing. Actions is doing. 

Well done!Posted on 17/12/2009 at 06:25:32

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